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istinction" for nearly 50 years -- from a young foreign service officer in Vietnam to the architect of the accords that ended the conflict in the Balkans, to advancing U.S. regio


a troubled individual's isolated acts. Another poll by the Pew Research Center found that the public were more evenly divided by 47 percent to 44 percent on the issue. Several Pew p.


injured and arrested. He is reportedly the head of drug dealing operations in the town. MEXICO CITY, May 4 (Xinhua) - Mexican rescuers have found five bodies out of the 14 miners.


90 million dollars and could spare up to 5,000 jobs. The alternative to this drastic action, he said, would be to let the district go bankrupt. "Do I think (this) is good education .


ant, especially one that did not deny the reality of the emergence of countries that had altered the face and profile of the world both economically and politically, she said. Rous.

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useful," Pinera said. Since 2004, Chile has maintained a military and police contingent in Haiti as part of the United Nation's peace-keeping troops. Chile also took part in the U.

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n, visa applications and opportunities to study in the United States, said Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. When Clinton first unveiled her virtual e.

ear-constant state of gridlock," Obama noted. The United States is facing a "make or break moment" for the U. S. middle class and those who are striving to get into the middle cla.

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