e Oakland City Hall, leaving three protesters hospitalized and several police officers with minor injuries, said a report by the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. Dozens of protes.

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-- The China Earthquake Administration (CEA) upgraded the scale of an earthquake striking Chile on Saturday afternoon to 8.8 magnitude. Pacific nations have been on a high alert o.

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ry session of the Group of 77 and China held at the United Nations headquarters in New York and attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. "One of our main concerns we want to s.

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viduals incarcerated in Russia for alleged contact with Western intelligence agencies, the Justice Department said Thursday. Meanwhile, 10 alleged Russian spy suspects entered gui.

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nding next year down to 2008 levels. That will save 100 billion dollars in the first year alone," he said. Experts said Democrats and Republicans were all but certain to have more.

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rd and pushed it off its tracks, Gilliland said. When deputies arrived, they saw some people lying on the ground and others running. "It was a pretty chaotic scene," the spokesman .

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rberg's friend providing the company's early financing. Facebook plans to raise as much as 11.8 billion dollars through an IPO expected to be held later this month, the biggest in.

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lican votes may be required because the Democrats suffered heavy losses in midterm elections. The Obama administration and the Democrats argued that any delay of approval would pu.

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transferred from hospital to the chapel of Military Academy on Wednesday night for a wake, after more than six hours of parade in Caracas. A huge crowd of Chavez's supporters, dr.

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