osed closing a deficit of 10 billion U.S. dollars with steep cuts in education and health care, and as many as 9,800 layoffs without raising taxes. Most lawmakers favor smaller c.

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ajor Syrian cities, with protesters chanting for change and anti- government slogans. Reports said dozens of people were killed as security forces used live bullets and tear gas .

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ter for American Progress, explained in an interview with Xinhua that although it's late in the game, Obama's involvement is still crucial for the legislation. "When you go back t.

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d welcoming immigration system." The legislation is introduced to ensure law enforcement have the tools they need to crack down on human smugglers. The new measures in the proposed.

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ans face and the measures which will be required to address them. Specifically, the financial and operational costs are significant given that it takes between 20-25 security off.

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tional Rifle Association (NRA) stronghold, Colorado joins a handful of states responding to last December's school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut - that killed 20 children and .

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n city bordering Texas, the United States. The city had been plagued by intense war between rival drug cartels. Criminal groups such as Los Zetas have frequently kidnapped migrants.

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ruling Workers' Party (PT) and Jose Serra of the opposition Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) made their cases on Friday, the first day of their election campaign on TV. Rous.

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inhua) -- Shootings at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, left four U.S. military personnel dead and three more wounded Thursday. The gunman was later also killed.

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