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uncil on Foreign Relations, a Washington- based think tank. "Europe is in the next stage of another major escalation" in their strategy to contain the crisis and build a stronger


urface at 2:15 a.m., as part of the so-called "static kill" procedure to plug the well permanently.Full story BP struggles for fresh start amid lingering woes LONDON/WASHINGTON, Jul.


ch will run from 21 of the same month until September 15. This will be the first experience in the Canadian baseball circuit for Bell, Jimenez and Manduley, while Gourriel is to p.


itish Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Assange's request to appeal the court's ruling that he could be extradited was "without merit."? Full story QUITO, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- E.


a related development, former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, secretary-general of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), said on Friday that he would travel to Caraca.

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bombers will be retained. The United States currently has 14 strategic nuclear submarines (SSBNs). Under the baseline plan, all 14 will be retained. The United States will reduce .

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le everywhere and undermines peace, stability and security. All acts of terrorism are criminal, inhumane, and unjustifiable irrespective of motivation," the statement said. "We c.

the tools necessary to fight crime in the 21st century." The law will bring Canada in line with similar laws in Britain, the United States, Australia, Germany and Sweden, The sta.

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