ian mission to the UN in midtown Manhattan. "Respect indigenous rights." As one of the world's largest hydroelectric dams, the Belo Monte is expected to inundate over 500 square k.

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Social National Unity Party. During his campaign, Santos has pledged to continue and improve Uribe's security- and market-friendly policies. He vows to make continuous efforts to s.

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to 16.5 percent to encourage new business investment, which is an important driver of Canadians' prosperity. The ministry counts on the investment increase will boost productivity,.

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zen people who left behind huddled in a downtown Sheraton, as satellite trucks from news channels swarmed the only major hotel in operation in the city. The situation could get ev.

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ility of Brazil entering into the "Global Entry" program which facilitates visas benefiting first of all Brazilian travelers who frequently visit the United States. Apart from the.

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"Make it in America" agenda, which aims to rebuild the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing and recover the roughly 5.6 million jobs the industry has lost over the past decade. B .

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nited States to "stand with the Yemeni government and people as they implement this historic agreement, foster economic development, and combat the security threat from al-Qaeda .

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ment critic with the opposition New Democratic Party, told reporters China's offer to reduce emissions undermined the Canadian government's position. "The argument that China isn't.

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, 2012. Isaac left over half a million homes and businesses in southeastern Louisiana without power on Wednesday, and the outage is likely to last throughout the duration of the .

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