rters after returning to Washington from a 10-day Asia trip. He singled out Russia's "important" support on sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program and provision of supply.

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mcast and other partners will be able to provide wireless service to their customers, using Verizon's network. Additionally, Verizon Wireless can sell the cable companies' produc.

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h Cuba's Penal Code, prosecutors are seeking a 20-year prison term for Gross. The information had been sent to the U.S. government through diplomatic channels, and Gross's family m.

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sources at the scene told Xinhua that the suspect is still on the loose while video of the scene shows a quiet but tense atmosphere. Local KMOV reporter Matt Sczesny reported that.

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trada, who remains a hostage. It was the second hostage release operation Brazil participated this week. On Sunday, the country also collaborated in the release of soldier Josue Da.

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.S. military had monopolized the airport. "This is about helping Haiti, not about occupying Haiti," he said on French radio, in Brussels for an EU meeting on Haiti. Joyandet said h .

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can send a very strong message that this kind of action," she said at the State Department. Clinton said the alleged murder attempts violate international norms, and "must be end.

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iant BP said Thursday it had finished sealing the ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico with cement. The company said its engineers finished pumping cement into the leaking well .

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ped the last vaccine shots, but now with the baby, we are still deciding if we are going to vaccinate him," said Maria, mother of two. Maria takes her oldest son, who is five year.

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