, he added. The local newspaper reported that in 2003 and 2004, ABIN monitored the diplomats from Russia who were working on the negotiation of military equipment, but were suspec.

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id their parents are still alive and some could give contact information of their families. The U.S. embassy in Haiti confirmed the detention of its citizens for "alleged violatio.

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more foreign troops going around the country endlessly," he was quoted by the paper as saying. He said Afghanistan would like to have "a long-term", " substantial relationship" w.

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1 million undocumented people living in the United States," the statement said. Honduran deputies on Tuesday also condemned the new law, considering it "cruel" and "discriminatory.

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and damaged many more, including a high school gymnasium in the state's northwest. Local fire department said a tornado left over 10 kilometers of destruction. The most notable bui.

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States illegally. Like most immigrants staying in the country without proper work or residence permits, Duvan entered the country on a tourist visa and never returned home. "It's a .

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reported to be an orderly and calm electoral process across the country. Fernandez, after casting her vote in the remote city of Rio Gallegos over 2,600 kilometers south of the cap.

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ject would benefit animals native to the region. "We began with the cheetah, as it is in risk of extinction, but it is also related to the puma and the jaguar," he explained, makin.

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report: Hu attends Nuclear Security Summit WASHINGTON, April 13 (Xinhua) -- The Nuclear Security Summit called for national actions and international measures to ensure the safet.

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