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t such issues as the legal processes regarding the handling of crimes and the treatment of detainees. There are 33 jails in Ecuador housing some 11,698 prisoners, but their actual

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House fence on Friday afternoon, prompting a lockdown, media reports said. The suspect has been taken into custody by local police. WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- The White House

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year, the recurrence of the cancer forced him to undergo a fourth surgery in Cuba. Before his departure for the operation, Chavez said if his illness prevented him from remainin

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oreign policy. During his speech on Monday, Bush walked a fine line in criticizing Obama's recent overtures toward Cuba, as Washington moves to normalize relations with the Caribb

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-propelling dredges with a capacity of between 500 and 1,000 cubic meters for 60 days. "If we manage 40 meters in a decent time, we will try to broaden the canal from 40 to 100 me

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tance," said Melrose. Melrose praised the initiative taken by Cuban leader Raul Castro to start an ambitious reform agenda that seeks to "upgrade" the Cuban economy. "We admire the

国产a不卡片 -2019天天狠天天透天天伊人

ry General Ban Ki-moon last week said Haiti "has made significant progress since the earthquake" and recommended reducing the number of military forces in Minustah to 1,600 from