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make life easier for businesses," the editorial says. There is a consensus that, with a growth rate of 7 percent in 2010, from this year on the South American country may face dif

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fficials said. No major wind damage, deaths or serious injuries were reported in New York City itself. The first-ever evacuation order for portions of the city was lifted at 3 p.m

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orsed by parliament for a second five-year term. The newly installed National Assembly approved a second term for Castro in its first session on Sunday. Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez

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eat California ShakeOut, according to organizers. Participants are from schools, businesses, government institutions, nonprofit organizations and religious groups. As recommended b

old俄罗斯woman青年 -978私人影院

exchange and an expansion of the Medicare health-care system. "Health-care reform is several years away, but families are dealing with health problems right now," said lead resear